16mm experiments (fall 2019)

16mm / 2019

included processes:

-hand-processing (reversal & negative)
-contact printing
-optical printing
-traveling mattes


digital / 2019

A film by SAINT A and Callan Thomas

counting to ten

digital / 2019

Easy Living

digital / 2019

in 1953, conformity was at the forefront of american culture. dennis, a teenager sunken into his suburban family, has begun to feel outcasted within this lifestyle. afraid to conform himself, he dreams of an escape. 


16mm / 2018

a study on the importance of places that have shaped me into who i am today and the question of where my true "home" lies.

vibrations of home

digital / 2018


digital / 2018

a documentation of every-day motion around us


digital / 2018

a visual study on trust -
i interviewed my grandfather over the phone on what trust means to him and any lessons he has learned about it throughout this life. i then abstractly visualized certain aspects surrounding trust as whole and how others perceive it in their own way.


[performance - pt.1]

digital / 2018

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